I created this brand based on an idea of empowerment. In particular, empowering women. After having a successful online store for about two and a half years- I was determined to do something impactful. I wanted to create a space where I would be able to invest the the love I have for art and fashion and intertwine it with the love I have for people. 

            I researched local charities around the Miami area that had already been breaking boundaries in the field of strengthening and empowering women. Wanting to keep it close to home, I decided on The Women's Fund Miami-Dade- a non-profit organization solely based around the idea of the world’s power and possibilities not being limited by gender. This charity focuses on moving forward: creating change for women and girls through action, advocacy, and collaborative initiatives that generate a sustainable impact on women’s economic mobility, leadership, health, well-being, and freedom from violence.

             All of the items being by Étoiles Jewelry are sold with the goal of making others feel beautiful and empowered. A small percentage of every purchase made is donated to the charity of ‘The Women’s Fund-Miami’. 


Happy shopping & much love,

  the Étoiles Jewelry Team     



 “When women are strong, the world is strong.” 
For more information, please visit https://womensfundmiami.org